Your Video Recording of The Celebration of
Zhineng Qigong Culture Day

(Wisdom Healing™ Qigong)
Recorded: Wednesday, September 26, 2018

"Imagine the power and energy unleashed when millions of us come together, on the same day with the same intention – to offer our gifts, creativity, and inspiration for a new, healthier world." 
–Master Mingtong Gu

When we practice together, we multiply the power and benefit of Qigong, creating a unified chi field. A chi field is the consciousness, individually, collectively, and cumulatively, unified by a certain purpose, cultivating a certain quality, such as love, joy, wholeness, creativity, healing, transformation, and so on that purifies the limited pattern of the past.

In Wisdom Healing™ Qigong we describe the chi field of healing as the union between the source energy and the most important, quality information contributing to healing. That information is continuously energized when we are embodying and truly investing our mind, heart, and body.

The importance of coming together, the feeling of mutual support, and tapping into that accumulative, collective, holographic nature of the chi field is the essential difference between it and the source energy.

A unification of the Source Energy, or other relative energy, connected by purpose. Beyond just the presence of energy, it is an energy field that is formed through a deep commitment and clear purpose. With a common purpose, participants feel a deep connection and support of an energetic presence that starts to formulate itself as a chi (energy) field, beyond an emotional connection. A chi field is energy that is both internal and external, small and large, that encompasses all phenomena. The universal energy field is unfathomable, so to recognize the external chi field's influence is profoundly important.

About Zhineng Qigong

Among the many styles of Qigong, Zhineng (pronounced Tszu-nen) Qigong — also known as Wisdom Healing™ Qigong  in the West — is one of the most powerful. Translated literally, Zhineng Qigong means “Cultivating Wisdom Energy Ability.”

Wisdom Healing Qigong was developed by Master Mingtong Gu’s teacher Dr. Pang Ming, a Qigong Grandmaster trained in both western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. He synthesized his profound medical knowledge of the old and new healing sciences with the ancient Qigong practice. The result is an integrative system of self-healing and cultivation that is suited for the modern pragmatic world. “Establishing a Chi Field” was one of his great innovations and is based on the Hunyuan Entirety Theory that he founded.

The Zhineng Qigong Culture Day program
is offered by many Qigong teachers all over the world, including Master Mingtong Gu We encourage all Zhineng Wisdom Healing Qigong practitioners to celebrate and practice on the 26th of September each year – in honor of Dr. Grandmaster Pang, as well as the Zhineng culture.

Zhineng (Wisdom Healing™) Qigong can help you increase energy, reduce stress, and enhance your overall wellness – with an aim to bring more peace, harmony, healing, and awakening to the Planet.

Disease, trauma and conflict are manifestations of energy being expressed in unhealthy patterns. We can bring these energies into a state of health (freely flowing harmonized energy) through simple movement practices, sounds, and visualizations, as taught in our  Wisdom Healing Qigong book, "Empowered Healing".

The clearly explained, profound techniques of Zhineng (Wisdom Healing™)  Qigong for sending high quality, vibrational healing energy to any condition, either within yourself or to another, is applicable to any conflict or concern. This is true whether dealing on a personal, familial, organizational, or even global level (which is why the practices featured in Zhineng Qigong Culture Day generate such a powerful collective experience).

As the underlying causes of life's challenges are released, you reconnect with the Universal Source Energy and bring new and vital energy streams into the flow of Life. With this practice, you amplify a web of positive changes for you, your loved ones, and planet Earth.

The Tao of Qigong

From both historic and modern perspectives, this video provides insights into Qigong as an art and science for the cultivation of chi, inspiring your daily practice to progressively synchronize or engage chi – weaving together the mental, physical, and spiritual elements of our being.

Based on the teaching of Dr. Grandmaster Pang, this video covers the principles and guidance of Qigong, especially Zhineng (Wisdom Healing™) Qigong (also introduced to the US as Chi-Lel™ by Master Teacher Luke Chan.)

With spectacular images and chi sound, it will inspire Qigong students' practice, and provide others with an complete overview of Qigong.

The viewer will be taken on a journey into the depth of Qigong through the teaching of Dr. Grandmaster Pang Ming, Master Jiang, Master Luke Chan, Master Mingtong Gu and the 94 year old Master He.